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Sura Attributes


Sura Name Alaaraf
Sura Number 7
Sura Classification Sura Makkan Classification
Number of Ayah 206
Number of Prostration FALSE
Sura Polarity -0.056
Sura Chronology Sequence 37
Sura Main Topic Quran Main Topic 14, Quran Main Topic 11, Quran Main Topic 04, Quran Main Topic 03, Quran Main Topic 63, Quran Main Topic 27, Quran Main Topic 01, Quran Main Topic 06, Quran Main Topic 17, Quran Main Topic 41, Quran Main Topic 22, Quran Main Topic 08, Quran Main Topic 26, Quran Main Topic 12, Quran Main Topic 30, Quran Main Topic 16, Quran Main Topic 28, Quran Main Topic 56, Quran Main Topic 34, Quran Main Topic 48, Quran Main Topic 21, Quran Main Topic 35, Quran Main Topic 64, Quran Main Topic 55, Quran Main Topic 40, Quran Main Topic 02, Quran Main Topic 61, Quran Main Topic 18, Quran Main Topic 43, Quran Main Topic 46, Quran Main Topic 59, Quran Main Topic 15, Quran Main Topic 50, Quran Main Topic 10, Quran Main Topic 29, Quran Main Topic 24, Quran Main Topic 38, Quran Main Topic 65, Quran Main Topic 33, Quran Main Topic 39, Quran Main Topic 19, Quran Main Topic 13, Quran Main Topic 44, Quran Main Topic 09, Quran Main Topic 51, Quran Main Topic 60, Quran Main Topic 53, Quran Main Topic 45, Quran Main Topic 70, Quran Main Topic 25, Quran Main Topic 07, Quran Main Topic 05, Quran Main Topic 20, Quran Main Topic 66, Quran Main Topic 31, Quran Main Topic 47
Sura SubTopic Quran Sub Topic 14-00, Quran Sub Topic 11-00, Quran Sub Topic 04-00, Quran Sub Topic 03-00, Quran Sub Topic 63-00, Quran Sub Topic 27-00, Quran Sub Topic 01-00, Quran Sub Topic 06-00, Quran Sub Topic 17-00, Quran Sub Topic 41-00, Quran Sub Topic 22-00, Quran Sub Topic 08-00, Quran Sub Topic 26-00, Quran Sub Topic 12-00, Quran Sub Topic 30-00, Quran Sub Topic 16-00, Quran Sub Topic 28-00, Quran Sub Topic 56-00, Quran Sub Topic 34-00, Quran Sub Topic 48-00, Quran Sub Topic 21-00, Quran Sub Topic 35-00, Quran Sub Topic 64-00, Quran Sub Topic 55-00, Quran Sub Topic 40-00, Quran Sub Topic 02-00, Quran Sub Topic 61-00, Quran Sub Topic 18-00, Quran Sub Topic 43-00, Quran Sub Topic 46-00, Quran Sub Topic 59-00, Quran Sub Topic 15-00, Quran Sub Topic 50-00, Quran Sub Topic 10-00, Quran Sub Topic 29-00, Quran Sub Topic 24-00, Quran Sub Topic 38-00, Quran Sub Topic 65-00, Quran Sub Topic 33-00, Quran Sub Topic 39-00, Quran Sub Topic 19-00, Quran Sub Topic 13-00, Quran Sub Topic 44-00, Quran Sub Topic 09-00, Quran Sub Topic 51-00, Quran Sub Topic 60-00, Quran Sub Topic 53-00, Quran Sub Topic 45-00, Quran Sub Topic 70-00, Quran Sub Topic 25-00, Quran Sub Topic 07-00, Quran Sub Topic 05-00, Quran Sub Topic 20-00, Quran Sub Topic 66-00, Quran Sub Topic 31-00, Quran Sub Topic 47-00
Animals Frog
Body Parts Heart, Ear, Arm, Eye, Back, Hip, Liver, Sole, Leg, Hand, Feet, Senses, Calf, Hair, Head, Tongue
Food Veal, Tea, Sage, Ice, Eat, Ate, Fire, Ham, Fat, Drink, Sustenance, Pan, Pea, Water, Order, Liver, Bran, Sole, Egg, Flour, Oven, Fast, Fish
Spices Sage, Rue
Family Friend, Heir, Nest, Wife, Wed, Parent, Tribe, Father, Kin, Son, Sister, Inherit, Family, Brother, Child, Devoted, Mom, Mother, Descendant, Single, Mate
After Life Locations Hell
Insects Roach, Egg, Lice, Moth
Astronomical Body Heaven, Heavens
After life Locations Hell
Satan Name Satan
Prophets Adam, Moses

Sentiment Analysis

Positive Sentiment

The following table displays the Ayat in Surat Alaaraf that has positive sentiment sorted by Polarity.
Sura PagePolarityAyah Text
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 170.67"Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: Nor wilt thou find, in most of them, gratitude (for thy mercies)."
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 680.67"I but fulfil towards you the duties of my Lord's mission: I am to you a sincere and trustworthy adviser.
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 80.64The balance that day will be true (to nicety): those whose scale (of good) will be heavy, will prosper:
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 1700.61As to those who hold fast by the Book and establish regular prayer, - never shall We suffer the reward of the righteous to perish.
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 820.6And his people gave no answer but this: they said, "Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!"
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 1420.58We appointed for Moses thirty nights, and completed (the period) with ten (more): thus was completed the term (of communion) with his Lord, forty nights. And Moses had charged his brother Aaron (before he went up): "Act for me amongst my people: Do right, and follow not the way of those who do mischief."
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 1130.58So there came the sorcerers to Pharaoh: They said, "of course we shall have a (suitable) reward if we win!"
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Negative Sentiment

The following table displays the Ayat in Surat Alaaraf that has negative sentiment sorted by Polarity.
Sura PagePolarityAyah Text
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 154-0.011When the anger of Moses was appeased, he took up the tablets: in the writing thereon was guidance and Mercy for such as fear their Lord.
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 127-0.019Said the chiefs of Pharaoh's people: "Wilt thou leave Moses and his people, to spread mischief in the land, and to abandon thee and thy gods?" He said: "Their male children will we slay; (only) their females will we save alive; and we have over them (power) irresistible."
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 168-0.038We broke them up into sections on this earth. There are among them some that are the righteous, and some that are the opposite. We have tried them with both prosperity and adversity: In order that they might turn (to us).
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 163-0.041Ask them concerning the town standing close by the sea. Behold! they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath. For on the day of their Sabbath their fish did come to them, openly holding up their heads, but on the day they had no Sabbath, they came not: thus did We make a trial of them, for they were given to transgression.
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 145-0.043And We ordained laws for him in the tablets in all matters, both commanding and explaining all things, (and said): "Take and hold these with firmness, and enjoin thy people to hold fast by the best in the precepts: soon shall I show you the homes of the wicked, - (How they lie desolate)."
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 96-0.044If the people of the towns had but believed and feared Allah, We should indeed have opened out to them (All kinds of) blessings from heaven and earth; but they rejected (the truth), and We brought them to book for their misdeeds.
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 3-0.074Follow (O men!) the revelation given unto you from your Lord, and follow not, as friends or protectors, other than Him. Little it is ye remember of admonition.
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Sentiment Analysis Plot

Surat Alaaraf Sentiment Analysis plot.png

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Surat Alaaraf Index of Topics

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Index of Subjects Frequency Count Category
Alif lam 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Author earth 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Earth provid 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Fulfil life 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Lam mim 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Mean fulfil 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Mim sad 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Provid mean 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects

Hadith Citation of Surat Alaaraf

The Following are Hadith that cited or mentioned Surat Alaaraf or a specific Ayah in Surat Alaaraf.

From Sahih AlBukhari

No Hadith in Sahih AlBukhari Cited Surat Alaaraf or a specific Ayah in Surat Alaaraf

From Sahih Muslim

No Hadith in Sahih Muslim Cited Surat Alaaraf or a specific Ayah in Surat Alaaraf

From Sunan AlNasai

The following Hadith Cited Surat Alaaraf in Sunan AlNasai
Hadith PageBook and ChapterHadith Grade
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16717The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Reciting AlifLamMimSad in Maghrib in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai

From Sunan AlTermithi

No Hadith in Sunan AlTermithi Cited Surat Alaaraf or a specific Ayah in Surat Alaaraf

From Sunan Abu Dawoud

No Hadith in Sunan Abu Dawoud Cited Surat Alaaraf or a specific Ayah in Surat Alaaraf

Surah Index of Subjects

calamity ascrib, calf worship, call account, call forbid, callest guidance, camel insol, camel pass, camel sign, camest lord, canopy thought, canst direct, carri laden, carri unnot, carv home, case rais, castl open, causest wilt, celebr prais, celebr praises, chang plagu, chang suffer, charg brother, charity signs, cherish sustain, cherish world, cherisher spring, chief pharaoh, chiefs wrongfulli, child ascrib, child vow, children adam, children israel, children save, children slai, choic deserv, choos befriend, chose meet, chose vaniti, chosen mission, citi clean, citi collect, citi drive, clean cherisher, clean pure, clear sign, close sea, clouds drive, clouds manna, come broad, come wrath, comest worship, command creat, command didst, command explain, command forbid, command ignor, command justic, command nay, command shame, commit lewd, communion lord, compani peopl, compani wrong, companion fire, companion garden, companion seiz, complet period, complet term, conduct adopt, confirmed effect, connect mose, consid weak, constanc earth, constancy level, constancy soul, contrari lord, convei messag, couch fold, couldst destroyed, counsel lament, counsel love, count sin, coven book, coven rebelli, cover requit, cover shame, creat beginning, creat creat, creat direct, creat fire, creat gave, creat govern, creat heaven, creat singl, creat sun, creat term, creation commit, crier proclaim, crook deni, crook rememb, crop receiv, cry behold, cry utter, cult father, cult fragment, curs sister, curs wrong, curs wrongdoers, cut hand, cut root
palac castl, parent garden, parti believ, parti hold, parti reckon, parti reject, partner ascrib, partner author, partner creat, pass ey, pass satan, pass truth, past fact, path art, path reject, path seek, patienc constanc, patienc constancy, patienc doth, peac enter, peac entered, peac receiv, penalti fell, penalti fire, penalti fix, penalti lord, penalti send, penalties slew, peopl pass, perchanc fear, perchanc reflect, perchanc rememb, perdition wrongfulli, period complet, permiss sure, person mate, perspicu warner, pharaoh afflict, pharaoh believ, pharaoh chief, pharaoh chiefs, pharaoh erect, pharaoh hast, pharaoh lord, pharaoh suitabl, pharaoh thi, pharaoh wilt, pharaoh year, plagu heaven, plagu wholesal, plai carefre, plains carv, plan citi, plan doom, plan lord, pleaseth righteou, plung deeper, portion appoint, posit evil, possessors guiding, post nearest, postur humil, pour doth, pour patienc, power harm, power irresist, practis lust, practis regular, prai lord, prai wait, prais guid, praises prostrat, prayer eat, prayer make, prayer truth, preach destroi, preacher discharg, precept home, prefer friend, prefer women, prevent prostrat, previou possessors, privat loveth, proclaim curs, produc harvest, produc servants, produce rich, profan name, profit hoard, prohibit bad, prohibitions apes, promis crier, promis lord, promis wilt, prophet town, prosper advers, prosperity grew, prostrat adam, prostrat ador, prostrat command, prostrat home, prostrat ibli, protector forgiv, protector reveal, protectors littl, protectors receiv, provid mean, provid rebel, provid susten, punish cry, punish dread, punish pharaoh, punish sin, punish sins, punish sudden, punish transgress, punish visit, punish wrath, punishment preacher, punishment wai, pure dai, pure prohibit, pure provid
sabbath fish, sabbath sabbath, sabbath trial, safeti sea, saith lord, salih brethren, salih bring, salih lord, satan assail, satan assault, satan astrai, satan avow, satan seduc, satan whisper, save adher, save aliv, save family, scale light, scale prosper, scheme strong, scheme worst, sea behold, sea devot, sea reject, seal hear, seal heart, search thereof, secret sin, section earth, section guid, secur come, secur plan, seduc manner, seek crook, seek god, seek rapid, seek refug, seiz brother, seiz grievou, seiz mad, seiz violent, seiz wa, send children, send citi, send compani, send dai, sendeth wind, sens glori, sens injury, serpent plain, servant listen, servant pleas, servant pleaseth, servants things, sew leav, shade cloud, shade clouds, shall seek, shalt lord, shame adorn, shame deed, shame deeds, shame hidden, shame li, shame life, shame manifest, shame tribe, shameful father, shape bade, share gift, shook mount, short crop, show feat, shower brimston, shuaib brethren, shuaib drive, shuaib home, shuaib ruin, shun profan, sides die, sight creat, sign blind, sign bringest, sign children, sign detail, sign even, sign fail, sign inclin, sign leav, sign lord, sign meet, sign open, sign openli, sign pharaoh, sign portion, sign receiv, sign reject, sign relat, sign symbol, sign treat, sign wrong, signs conduct, signs fail, signs gradual, signs pass, similar vaniti, similitud dog, similitud reject, simpli believ, sin crime, sin punish, sin trespass, sincer advic, sincer advis, sincer sight, sincer trustworthi, singl person, sins seal, sister fire, slai enemi, slai femal, slept afternoon, slew male, son reckon, sorcer fell, sorcer pharaoh, sorcer vers, soul bear, soul forgiv, soul humil, soul muslim, soul perdition, souls invent, souls invok, speak worship, spoken revel, spread mischief, spring group, spring niggardli, spring produce, squat road, staff gush, stand close, stars govern, statur tall, steep arrogance, stori knowledge, stori perchanc, stori relat, stori signs, straight falsehood, stray lead, stray leadest, strike rock, strip raiment, strong unfail, struck terror, succeed evil, success creat, success previou, such religion, such reward, such sign, such town, sudden night, sudden realis, sudden wert, suffer adversity, suffer affluenc, suffer prosperity, suffer reward, suggest bring, suggest satan, suitabl reward, sun moon, sure knowledg, sure trick, suspens send, sustain world, susten forbidden, susten life, swallow straight, swoon recov, swore merci, swore sincer, symbol grate

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